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Fortress - ProNet



Fortress Interlocks flexible bus module.

The new ProNet module from Fortress Interlocks, opens up a world of possibilities for connecting new but also existing security products to either PROFINET-PROFIsafe or Ethernet / IP-CIP Safety.

This new ProNet module can, for example, be integrated into a new Fortress Interlock AmGardPro door lock product or it can function as a stand alone and be connected to external devices. It could be devices such as light grilles, emergency stops, magnetic switches or other door locks.

In both cases, these benefits are achieved:

  • A cable for control and security communication.
  • A cable to power multiple devices.
  • 100% real time diagnostic properties.
  • Daisy chain bus and power.
  • Seperate TUV certificate for the bus module.
  • Integration into an industry 4.0 environment.

For more information, please contact us or download the documents below.

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