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CoolBLUE® - cores for EMC filtration

CoolBLUE® cores, used to reduce the destructive bearing currents that often occur in connection
with larger motors driven by inverters (frequency converters). The voltages / currents have a magnitude of
makes the bearings wear significantly faster due to:

• The oil in the bearings is refined and loses its lubricity and cooling capacity.
• Breakthroughs can occur, which can lead to strong welding effects in the bearings.

The service life of the bearings is significantly reduced and frequent errors are the result of this phenomenon. CoolBLUE® kernerne
acts as a current compensating choke (with “a winding”) which absorbs the high frequency unwanted residual current.

Thereby, the bearing tension is significantly reduced, which increases the life of the bearings significantly and which thereby gives
longer engine life and ensure longer operation. 

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