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Fortress - ProNet

Fortress Interlocks flexible bus module. The new ProNet module from Fortress Interlocks, opens up a world of possibilities for connecting new, but also existing security products to either ...

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Dovitech - Vactek fusion

Dovitech A / S is pleased to announce our merger Vactek A / S, one of the leading suppliers to the Danish electronics industry, with a long history and experience with solutions ...

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Fortress - SlimlinePro

SlimLine trapkey interlock system. Fortress Interlocks has just launched an extension of the amGardPro series to include a number of SlimLine versions. The SlimeLine modules are constructed in a ...

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Magnetec - Coolblue

CoolBLUE® - cores for EMC filtration CoolBLUE® cores are used to reduce the destructive bearing currents that often occur in connection with larger motors driven by inverters ...

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Pizzato - NS

We can hereby present the latest series of RFID security switches from Pizzato, model NS. This new NS series combines more than 30 years of experience in industrial safety and is with its innovative ...

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Zettler - Power relay

Compact latching power relay. New compact power relay from Zettler, with latching coil, which can handle a minimum of 50,000 operations at 85 ° C and load 16A 250VAC. Its compact house with a height of ...

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Pizzato - Emergency stop

Emergency stop with ring lighting. For larger machines or in a large production hall with many machines and emergency stops, it can be vital not to lose precious minutes / seconds in the attempt to find ...

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Pizzato - safety end stop

From our supplier Pizzato, we are now launching a new safety stop, which meets the stricter requirements laid down in the new EU law (EN ISO 14119), for securing access gates and doors. This law ...

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Fortress - access systems

Fortress Interlocks represent some of the best in mechanical security of access roads. Their products range very widely, but common to them all is that they are incredibly robust and are ...

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