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About Dovitech

We are a Danish trading company based on sales of electromechanical components, automation equipment and customized solutions. We are a team of selected employees, with a high professional level, great commitment and many years of experience in the industry.


As a customer of Dovitech A / S, you gain direct and flexible access to our competent and highly committed employees, who are able to contribute constructively to finding the right solution tailored to your wishes and needs.


Our goal is to create an organization where employees thrive to such an extent that they have a natural desire and commitment to contribute to Dovitech's development.


We work with suppliers who can document the highest possible quality either through ISO 9000 certification or similar approvals.

International erfaring

Vores idealer udgør fundamentet for vores succes hos Dovitech. Internationalt samarbejde er afgørende for det, vi gør. Vi har fostret tværnationale samarbejder og brugt forskellige perspektiver til at fremme innovation. Vores fuldførte projekter er bevis på vores dedikation til kvalitet. Vi har vist vores evne til at generere resultater, der overgår forventningerne, lige fra lokale projekter til multinationale foretagender.

Counter Projects

About Dovitech

Dovitech values

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