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Pizzato - NS



We can hereby present the latest series of RFID security switches from Pizzato, model NS.

This new NS series combines more than 30 years of experience in industrial safety and with its innovative design, helps to improve safety, functionality and total cost of ownership.

Pizzato's goal with the NS series, was to develop a series which is a simpler version of the NG, but retain the essence and the most important feature from its "big brother".

Among other things. the NS has the revolutionary new actuator design that was launched with the NG. This new design, which addresses the issues typically associated with the classic fork actuators, such as durability and increased requirements for mounting precision, has now been virtually eliminated.

Next, NS has also integrated the robust RFID technology, advanced electronics, modularity, built into a robust and completely tight construction.

See more in the video below and or download this brochure or feel free to contact us for further advice or demonstration.

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