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Tamura Corporation was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Japan. Approx. 5,000 employees with production facilities in Japan, Asia, North and South America, as well as Europe. Tamura's core spirit is "Providing customers with the world's best products". Through generations, Tamura has managed to develop unique solutions and products that satisfy your customers with long-lived, stable and innovative components with an environmentally friendly imprint for the benefit of future generations.

Tamura has some of the most automated and advanced production facilities in the industry. With manufacturing sites worldwide, Tamura offers our customers a wide range of features, services and low-cost alternatives to suit their needs. Tamura's production facilities produce over one million components a day, and are part of a vertically integrated team that supports each other with products from raw materials to finished components.

Tamura product range includes:

• Current sensors.
• Transformers and coils.
• Reactor and power transformers.
Gate drivers.
• Power modules.
• LED drivers.

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